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Whether true or not...

...this is kind of a hoot.




PHILtastic...wish I could of been there! :)


Posted 4 years 16 weeks ago

A 'Phil Collins Day'...  I think that's a great idea.  There's a lot of love for Phil and his music.  He is appreciated by an awful lot of people.


Posted 4 years 16 weeks ago

@ Iggie: You have to move your cursor over the "...this is kind of a hoot."  That's the link.  :)

Regarding whether it's true or not, it appears truth is stranger than fiction.  The link listed below is from The Brooklyn Paper and verifies the rumor.  Happy PC Day everyone!  If Phil ever finds out about this, I bet it will be one of the more surreal moments of his life.  ;) 


Posted 4 years 16 weeks ago

I'm confused...

What is that you are referring to? Is there a link associated with this post that I'm not seeing?


Posted 4 years 16 weeks ago

Happy Phil Collins day to everyone :D


Posted 4 years 16 weeks ago

Wie soll man das verstehen? Ich bitte um Aufklärung.


Posted 4 years 17 weeks ago

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