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So, it *was* real!

The other day, we posted a news item on the site here about Phil Collins Day in Brooklyn.  From the news reports I was able to find, I wasn't quite sure if the day was real or not.

Well, according to this article, it was in fact real, and the parade went off quite well, thank you very much!

If this becomes an annual event, we'll be sure to cover it more in depth in the future.  We may also suggest having the parade in warmer weather!  Congrats and thank you to the organizers for pulling this fun event together!



Looked like a great event to honor Phil!  Wish I could have been there too. :-)


Posted 4 years 16 weeks ago

Of course it was REAL...WE Phil fans don't make this stuff up!!! LOL :) Wish I could of been there! :)


Posted 4 years 16 weeks ago

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