Weekend News Update

Good day Phil Fans!

A collection of news items from around the web, some pertaining to the recent release of Phil's Alamo book, and some others more historical (in the musical sense, not the Alamo sense) in nature.

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Alamo news and Montreux reviews

Good day Phil fans!

We have a variety of news to share with you today, both about Phil's new Alamo book, and reviews of the recent Live in Montreux release.  Here are the links, for your entertainment!

Montreux News:

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A variety of Phil news items...

Good day Phil fans!

Our Phil news for this day can be divided into items regarding the Live ant Montreux release, and the release of Phil's book about the Alamo.  For your reading pleasure, here are links to the articles around the web about these subjects:

Live at Montreux:

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Phil's new book - THE ALAMO AND BEYOND

Cover Image

Good day Phil fans!

Phil's new book 'THE ALAMO AND BEYOND' is about to be published, so let's turn it over to Phil, to talk about his passion in his own words:

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